The Spirit of Westport Benefit

“The Spirit of Westport” benefit was held Saturday, March 19th at the Dedee Shattuck Gallery in Westport.  Approximately 130 people attended to support the program, enjoy foot-tapping music from “The Spindle Rock River Rats”, delicious food and drink from The Westporter, Buzzards Bay Brewing and Westport Rivers Winery, and hear Executive Director, Ben Booth and Superintendent of Westport Community Schools, Dr. Ann Dargon talk about the innovative program.  We also introduced the teachers and boat builders who are working with Ben on the program.  Drama Voyage’s first Youth Rowing Team were on hand as we celebrated their hard work and racing success.


The Westport Community was extremely supportive  of our efforts and the Silent Auction and Experience Raffle were both well received and brought in significant funds. By the end of this festive evening, Dharma Voyage had reached our fund-raising goal for the program!  We look forward to doing it again next year.

Thanks for the generosity of all who donated, attended, bid on auction items and bought raffle tickets!

We will be able to Float Our Boat!

Thanks everyone who contributed to our SILENT AUCTION:
Myrna Adolfo
Conrad and Kathy Feininger
Eva’s Garden
Howie Gifford
Laura Gifford
Wendy Goldberg
Polly Gardner
William “Woody” Underwood
Jim Gorman, The Westport Handy Guy
Joseph Ingoldsby, River Rise Farms
Colby Smith Door Knockers
Perfect Smiles Dentistry, Dr. D. Ahearn
Jordan Farm
B.G. Shanklin, Threepoint Design Architects
Jennifer Coye

Dharma Voyage would like to acknowledge all the wonderful craftsmanship and hard work that went
into building our new Wherry which was on display at the event. Thanks to:

Polly Gardner
William “Woody” Underwood

For making the Spirit of Westport happen in the classroom and workshop, sending thanks to:

Teachers: Mike Ponte and John Correiro
Principal: Carolyn Pontes
Curriculum Developer: Brian Abdallah
Boatbuilder: Jon Aborn
Last but certainly not least thanks to Don Betts for leading our high school students in an after-school program where they will be building a 25′ dory.

Spontaneous Stroke – A Sumi-e ink brush painting demonstration by master Jan Zaremba November 2nd, 2014

137_chipmunkDate: November 2nd, 2014
Time: 4:00pm-7:00pm
Location: Democracy Center in Harvard Sq.
Address: 45 Mt. Auburn Street Cambridge, MA
Cost $20

“Humanity is now dangerously insane. The Far East has always considered art a way to sanity. Is it possible to lead a spontaneous life, finished with fear and with doubt?” Zaremba, who was declared a Master of Sumi-e by the Living National Treasure of Japan, will demonstrate ancient techniques of painting, while answering all questions of art, philosophy and nuclear physics.

To get a sense for Jan’s work check out his website:



Finding Balance – A Rock Balancing Art Workshop with our teacher Robert Kauffman July 12th, 2014

34682_1520039766157_4333848_nSince discovering it in 2009, Rob has developed rock balancing into a spiritual practice.  This primal art includes performance, land art, sculpture, architecture, and communal art.  As the subject of photography, video, drawing, and writing, evidence of the art is created.  “These renderings, however, cannot become the object of artistic moment, but only offer testimony. These media cannot store other essential elements brought out by the performance of this art.”  Join Dharma Voyage at Gooseberry Island in Westport, MA as Rob shares insights he has gained through his practice. Then experience “listening to the rocks” by balancing some for yourself.

See the video!

Date: July 12th, 2014
Starting Time: 6:00 PM
Closing Demonstration: 7:30 PM
Location: Gooseberry Neck in Westport, MA


Dharma Voyage “Encounters” – Four Seasons Qigong with Wudang Master Zhou Xuan Yun May 17th, 2014

137__MG_9606Please join Dharma Voyage on Saturday, May 17th for a special Qigong workshop taught by martial arts master and ordained Daoist monk, Zhou Xuan Yun. Sifu Zhou entered training on Wudang Mountain at the age of 13 and is an expert in Daoist philosophy and health practices. For our Dharma Voyage Encounter, he will be working with us on Qigong practices for each of the four seasons.

“Chinese traditional thought says that the four seasons are caused when the shifting of Yin and Yang brings about changes in the natural world. The human body is seen as a small ecosystem, created from a mix of Yin and Yang and nourished by the Qi energy of heaven and earth. Using breathing, gentle stretching, and visualization the Four Seasons Qigong exercises were designed to bring your body in harmony with the climate around you. In Spring, the energy of the earth brings new life and growth. During this time we must disperse wayward Liver energy. In Summer, Yang energy has reached its extreme, and we must expel excess heat in order to strengthen the heart. In the Fall, the world cools off and dries out, and we must strengthen the lungs. In Winter, when everything is cold it is important to keep the body warm, and protect your kidneys. Four Seasons Qigong will teach you essential exercises designed to help you move through the turning of the year without illness.”

  •  Date: Saturday May 17th, 2014
  •  Time: 4:30pm to 7:30pm
  •  Cost: $45
  •  Location: OmNamo Center 21 Belmont St., Cambridge, MA

Dharma Voyage “Encounters” Documentary Film “Room to Breathe” March 9th 2014

137_22Please join Dharma Voyage at Boston College on March 9th at 2:00pm for our exciting first “Encounters” event: a screening of the film “Room to Breathe”, a documentary on a mindfulness education program implemented in an urban middle school in San Francisco.  Learn about how meditation and mindfulness skills can help struggling students in difficult circumstances.  Our film will be followed by discussion with a panel of mindfulness educators with diverse and unique backgrounds:

  • Ellen Lempereur Greaves – Playmaker Coach and Yoga instructor with Life is good Kids Foundation
  • Brad Kershner – Pre-K educator and meditation practitioner, PhD student in curriculum and instruction
  • Peter Ryan – Principal of Tinicum Art and Science, a mindfulness-focused independent high school
  • Charles Setterland – Holistic healer and former counselor and Qi Gong instructor at the Penikese Island School

Sunday March 9th at 2:00pm in Campion Hall, Boston College

See videos of the panel discussion here!