Dharma Voyage “Encounters” – Four Seasons Qigong with Wudang Master Zhou Xuan Yun May 17th, 2014

137__MG_9606Please join Dharma Voyage on Saturday, May 17th for a special Qigong workshop taught by martial arts master and ordained Daoist monk, Zhou Xuan Yun. Sifu Zhou entered training on Wudang Mountain at the age of 13 and is an expert in Daoist philosophy and health practices. For our Dharma Voyage Encounter, he will be working with us on Qigong practices for each of the four seasons.

“Chinese traditional thought says that the four seasons are caused when the shifting of Yin and Yang brings about changes in the natural world. The human body is seen as a small ecosystem, created from a mix of Yin and Yang and nourished by the Qi energy of heaven and earth. Using breathing, gentle stretching, and visualization the Four Seasons Qigong exercises were designed to bring your body in harmony with the climate around you. In Spring, the energy of the earth brings new life and growth. During this time we must disperse wayward Liver energy. In Summer, Yang energy has reached its extreme, and we must expel excess heat in order to strengthen the heart. In the Fall, the world cools off and dries out, and we must strengthen the lungs. In Winter, when everything is cold it is important to keep the body warm, and protect your kidneys. Four Seasons Qigong will teach you essential exercises designed to help you move through the turning of the year without illness.”

  •  Date: Saturday May 17th, 2014
  •  Time: 4:30pm to 7:30pm
  •  Cost: $45
  •  Location: OmNamo Center 21 Belmont St., Cambridge, MA

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