Entering the Unknown

I decided to challenge myself through racing. What can I do? How far can I go? In a few days, I will depart for the World Coastal Rowing Championships in Lima, Peru!

Perhaps the most interesting part of this is the fact that I am entering something completely unknown. Without an International coastal race scene in the U.S., I have never raced against or even seen any of the competition. I have no clue about the speed, ability, or anything about these folks. Everyone else in the race will have been in competitions where they have seen the Championships contenders before, have been in competitive international events, or have won a national trial to attend the Worlds.

How fast am I? I’ve won all the races I’ve entered here, but there is a huge difference between local competitions and international events. I coach myself, I train alone, I have no contact with elite rowers as I practice along empty fall coastlines.

I’ve never raced under FISA rules, or triangulated buoyed courses, or with beach sprint finishes, or in foreign countries, or…

There is only this one time that all this will be new. I am lucky to be approaching a situation that is so fresh, so without prior context. It’s the priceless experience of taking a big leap and entering the unknown.

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